Is It Ok To Mix Metals When Decorating

Is It Ok To Mix Metals When Decorating. Mixing metals adds intrigue and dimension. In this bedroom, metallics, wood and even velvet come together for the perfect blend of style and sophistication.

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My idea of a perfect bathroom is one with a golden chandelier, bright nickel fixtures and maybe even a touch of brass hardware. Don’t feel as if you have to match everything when it comes to specifying the decorative hardware, plumbing fixtures and lighting in your bathroom. When should the kitchen faucet match and when is it okay to mix metals?

Don't Mix Two Metals In The Same Color Family.

Don’t mix two metals in the same color family. Also, is it ok to mix metals in home decor? Don’t use more than three finishes in a single room unless you have a.

The Main Thing You Need To Understand About Mixing Metals Is To Repeat Each Metal Finish At Least Once.

There are a few good rules of thumb to follow when mixing metals for bathroom fixtures, and they become even more important when working in such a tight space like a small powder room. They always seem to anchor in a mixed metal setting. Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

Cooler Tone Metals Are Chrome, Nickel And Black.

It’s no secret that i have a thing for gold when it comes to decorating. Don’t think too hard about it. There is so much inspiration to mixing silver, bronze, gold, etc.

The Next Tip Is To Mix Warm And Cool Tone Metals Together.

Let one metal dominate the others. Design tip #2 start with the base. Choose a dominant metal color to anchor your room’s design.

The Phenomenon Of Mixing Metals In Lighting And Home Décor!

With so many reader questions, i thought it might be helpful to share some design inspiration and tips on how to mix metals in your bathrooms. So use up to three metal finishes per room. Go ahead and mix golds with silvers, warm metals with cool ones.