Can You Major In Architecture And Minor In Business

Can You Major In Architecture And Minor In Business. Center for urban science and progress. This depth and expertise must be sufficient to enable the student to appreciate the complexities and issues that are central to the minor, and to perform at a level sufficient to solve realistic problems and/or to make a contribution to the field.

What Jobs Can I Get With An Architecture Minor? Housing
What Jobs Can I Get With An Architecture Minor? Housing from

As the student body and faculty grow, new courses are developed to reflect student interests and expanding faculty expertise. Courses in the minor (15 credits) Many programs provide the flexibility to add a minor, a cohesive set of courses that offer a foundation in another area of study.a minor usually consists of 4.0 credits.

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At least 12 mcs for any minor must be taken from outside the entire set of modules that are listed for the major(s)/another minor that the student is taking/has taken. From my experience, i know in your undergrad you can take minors, but you cannot take minors in graduate school (masters). Silver school of social work.

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The minor in business consists of six specific courses chosen to develop a foundational knowledge in the basic aspects of business, including accounting, finance, management, marketing, and management information systems. Submit a minor or dual degree application if you are currently registered in a minor and would like to make an update to your approved course list or withdraw from the minor, please submit a update or removal form. If you had those two you could pretty much be highly in demand with most civil engineering firms and landscape architecture firms.

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In this additional major or minor you’ll learn about people, operational and strategic issues requiring managerial action in organisations. If a student has more than one major, the shared minor course can be different for each major (course a with the first major, course b with the second major, etc.). Generally civil engineering works better with landscape architecture.

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Nine credits numbered 300 or above must be taken in residence at uwm. The minor consists of 18 credits in architecture courses. 120 points from courses listed below.

Applications For Minors & Dual Degrees Are Accepted Annually From March 1St To May 15Th.

Students who choose the minor in architectural studies must have a declared major in another school or college at uwm and must have a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average. Center for urban science and progress. The power of a business minor.